Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What We've Been Eating

Well, hello there. It feels as though my cat poses for photos sometimes when I get my phone out just so she can end up on the internet - I'm sure of it. Since she's a spoiled little one, she gets her way: full front and center to make up for my complete lack of blogging!

As I haven't been taking the time to take a lot of photos or write out my own recipes, I thought I'd do a little summary of some of the things we've been eating, along with either a quick look at what we did or a link to where the original came from!

Pinterest has been absolutely amazing (and the devil at the same time) for me - and, as I'm sure, for every food intolerant or healthy eating/living person out there. It's a great source for similar minded people to post about good recipes. It helps you plan your weeks or helps you have a visually appealing database of recipe ideas to call on in the last minute. I find some days I'm even going into the search bar and typing in "peanut butter shrimp" in hopes I can pull something together with the ingredients at hand. I know I can still do this activity I so often do at the end of a grocery run, but it's just so much prettier on Pinterest...

Needless to say,  it's been motivating me to get cooking and has given me some great new ideas. The key to proper pinning of recipes is to find your favorite bloggers and start following them...they'll  have all the right food ideas and it will be less work on your end. :)

What's Been Going In Our Bellies
Spicy Lentils w/ Sweet Potato & Kale
Made this one tonight! I added in some more celery, and topped the dish with some hard boiled eggs to make sure it made us extra full. I also served it with some quinoa. In the end, we will have two suppers and two lunches out of this. Very delicious but very different from our "typical" kind of meal. 
Lasagna Pasta
From Allie's Kitchen: With Daiya in the fridge, I was craving  lasagna but didn't have the noodles. I cooked some ground pork along with chopped zucchini, kale, shallot, garlic and broccoli and added a full jar of pasta sauce (check the ingredients). At the same time, I cooked my penne. I, then, layered everything just like lasagna: meat/veg/sauce + cheese + pasta, and so on. I topped the pasta off with nutritional yeast. This went a long way for dinners and lunches..

Thai Marinaded Portobello Burgers
A random marinade mix by J: Green curry paste + water + cilantro (lots) + olive oil + lime juice + garlic + shallot + sriricha
We love love love portobello burgers! I've been craving them almost every day and keep getting J to try something new each time. I think I need him to write a marinade cookbook so we can get rich. :)
"Cream" of Mushroom Soup Chicken & Rice
From Allie's Kitchen: A can of coconut milk with two cups of sliced mushrooms and a whole lot of thyme! Cook the chicken first then add in the rest to let it simmer away. Add salt and pepper. DELISH! 
Kale & Tahini Potato Salad
I halved this recipe. It wasn't salty enough for J so he added some hot sauce to it, but I absolutely love tahini - a hit in my books. :)  (PS - A new-to-me bowl given to me by my Grammie.. was my Great Grandmother's!

 Paleo Cowboy Breakfast Skillet
Found this gem (and I mean GEM, like double thumbs up from both J and I) from my bestie, Katie, on pinterest. She's been doing this kick-ass lifestyle of cross fit and paleo since January and has been completely inspiring! This is a recommend to the max. Sweet potato + chicken sausage + avocado for your breaky?

There you go - You should check a few of these out!

Take a look at some of my food boards:

There's not much there compared to some, but they're goodies!


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