Sugar in my case means only "cane sugar".  I am able to have the Splenda type sugars that exist out there, but these are not good for you so attempt to stay away as much as possible!

Cane Sugar is found on labels or in stores as some of the following:

- Sugar
- Cane Sugar Juice
- Brown Sugar
- Molasses
- Glucose

Now, if I was intolerant to only sugar, it might be a bit easier to cut it out completely, but seeing as I have two other major intolerances, these are the rules we follow:

1. If sugar is in the top 3 ingredients, don't eat it.
2. If sugar is in the top 3 ingredients but is only being used in minimal capacity over the overall meal, we'll make an exception (i.e. barbecue sauce)

Make sense?

Good Substitutes:

- Maple Sugar (expensive!!)
- Maple Syrup
- Honey
- 100% Fruit Juices and sauces!  Fructose is okay :) Pin It