No Big Deal, Right?

Here is the skinny on what I have learned about a food intolerance SO FAR.  I've only recently began looking into this form of diagnosis, so I have a whole lot to learn.

What I do know:
- A food intolerance is not an allergy.
- A food intolerance is something that your body simply isn't designed to digest properly
- A food intolerance does not always create noticeable reactions

My Understanding of the "Seriousness" of Such Intolerances:
- Comparing your body, and it's roles, to a person in an average work day:  There are so many tasks that need to be worked on and completed within a day - that's easy to understand.  Throw a project at a person that doesn't fully comprehend, appreciate, or just can't handle the workload of - and BAM - the rest of that work day will suffer.  Right?  So if you're eating something that your body isn't designed for, it's going to spend THAT much MORE energy attempting to digest this food...and the rest of it's functions will suffer.  Some people may see this "suffering" through a stomach ache, lack of stomach acid, rosasea, asthma, arthritis, etc.

Who knew what you're eating could affect these other things, right?  That's what I thought...So if you're sick, cleansing yourself of these intolerances will help you get back on the right track.  If you're healthy, cutting these out (at least some of the time) should help you stay away from future illnesses - or at least you can know what to cut out during bouts of the flu or a cold?

So that's that.  That's where I'm at.  I've had my tests done for many reasons, mostly because I DO see a reaction.  I wanted to recognize things now before moving forward towards a more serious illness.  And this is my first post on the path to becoming dairy, soy, and sugar-free.  We'll see how it goes.  Luckily, I just need to tackle it one step at a time, starting with Dairy...

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