Eating Korea's staple: galbi with loads of kimchi, 2005
Blogger tells me that I first signed in to blog in 2005. It’s now the beginning of 2012 and I’ve been picking away at my fourth official blog for a year and a half now – figure it’s time to update the facts about me!
I started writing in blogs when I moved to South Korea in 2005 - to stay in touch with family and friends and to journal my travels and experiences. At that time, it was just simpler than emailing everyone all of the time. Now, my mom has printed off every post I’ve ever created so I have three ‘blog journals’ of my first and second years in Korea and my 3-month travel stint. (Thanks, Mom!)

Our Kitty - Gili
Living in Korea brought me to meet my, now, husband – J. We returned home (Halifax) together in the spring of 2008 and have been living happily here ever since.We actually just had the most amazing 2011. We just got married, bought a house and spent 3 weeks together back in Asia for our honeymoon.We will still try to travel every year, but our focus right now is on a happy, comfortable and healthy lifestyle at HOME (OUR home!). We have great friends, close family, and a spoiled kitty cat.

When I first started Allie’s Changing Kitchen, my goal was to simply help myself stay motivated, organized and ‘on target’ as I tried out this new “diet” of mine. I was a girl who drank milk instead of water (always), ate cheese as my snack and added cheese to just about everything possible (what meal doesn’t cheese and bacon make better?) and I’d like to finish every meal off with a bite of chocolate…or an entire Mars Bar or Coffee Crisp. I drank my coffee ‘double double’. Yogurt would be my healthy snack choice. Chips and every possible kind of dip was my absolute guilty pleasure, along with a nice cold glass of regular coke. I was never particularly unhealthy. The above were mostly my treats – but I valued my treats.
Gili Trawangan, Bali 2008 - Eating @ a local festival

Then after years of trying to figure out what was going on with me, I finally discover I’m intolerant to dairy, sugar and soy (the typical replacement for dairy!).At first, I honestly couldn’t think of what I would do – or what I would eat! Every single label I read had soy or dairy on it…they were hidden in everything! Down and discouraged, I started this blog. It pushed me to find recipes. To do my research. To be creative…and ultimately: be healthy. For both myself and J.

Our  New Kitchen!
I had hoped that, while the blog is all about me and for me (and presenting my friends and family with a list of products, ingredients and recipes ideas for me), it might help a person or two along the way. To encourage. To present ideas. To showcase that it’s extremely important and beneficial to pay attention to your intolerances, but it doesn’t have to be boring! You can make an intolerance-friendly meal that will appeal to the non-intolerant diet, like J!

Once I hit my one-year mark of the blog, I was going to let it go. After taking a break away from it and talking with friends and family, I decided to keep on going. It’s not so much of a struggle anymore, but a fun hobby to keep on the search for new recipes that we can eat. I may write everyday, or may not for weeks at a time. I’m going to let the blog move forward in whatever way feels natural. If I start talking about the non-cookbooks I’m reading, then so be it! You won’t mind oh cyber world, will you?

In summation: 
I'm not a naturopath, a nutritionist, a journalist, or even a cook. I am a newlywed in love....with book clubs, travel, photos, food, wine and so on! If you're following, please comment. I'm very interesting in hearing what others are doing - even if your allergies, intolerances and reasons for your eating habits are different from mine!

I'm writing this blog from Halifax, NS and - when possible - incorporate what I can about local finds in the area (restaurants and shopping) to help my fellow Haligonians out. Summer food festivals, the trend of local and healthy restos, Planet Organic, Halifax Seaport Market and Pete's are all my very best friends in town.

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Allie :0)

July, 2011

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