Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Holiday Rush Begins (Spinach Pasta)

So....we eat a lot of pasta. I recognize that pasta isn't the best thing for us at all times, especially when you look closer and see that it's neither whole wheat or rice pasta. Maybe I'll work on this in the new year, but for now: pasta is easy and easy is a necessity during the rush of the holidays.

On a Tuesday when errands need to be run, who wants to get home from work and spend a ton of time on a meal? I also don't want to go to the freezer and grab something processed from a box.

This brings me to here. Another throw together pasta of my own creation. J says "I'd pay $15 for this in a second" (because we're clearly not eating at any restaurants at the moment that would charge more than $20, that's a big compliment!). This was another one of those times when we intended to have leftovers, but instead gulped it all up before The Daily Show was even half way through!

(Frozen) Spinach Pasta
Note to self: have frozen spinach on hand more often.

1 pkg of frozen spinach
2 cloves of garlic
2 tbsp of lemon
2 tbsp of butter
2 tbsp of rice milk (optional)
1 tbsp of chickpea flour (optional)
Italian seasoning - to taste...I used lots and lots as I wanted the flavours to be strong!
5 white button mushrooms, cut small

Optional add-ins: bacon, chicken, salmon....we had some leftover really-good salami from our Christmas gift exchange party, so I threw some of that in.

1. Defrost the spinach in a pan while the water begins to boil for the pasta. Add pasta.
2. As the spinach started to defrost more, I started sprinkling away with Italian seasoning and lemon juice.
3. I threw in the mushrooms, butter, rice milk and chickpea flour (to soak up some of the moisture) and let it all cook on medium heat until the pasta was done.
4. Drain the pasta and mix it all together!

What are everyone's "go-to" ingredients for an un-planned pasta dinner? I'd love to have a comment or two! Come on....you know you wanna..

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  1. Pasta gets a bad rep but it's so delicious that I just don't care! And when you add in all this spinach...who's to say it's not uber healthy?

  2. My go to ingredients for a throw together pasta is very often peppers ( red, orange, yellow) , onions and my spice rack :)

  3. Comments....yay!!!

    @Joanne: Sometimes I don't care, either. I can't have cheese so I'm going to have pasta!!! :P

    @Kerra: You're good at the throwing together...I'm getting better (yay me). :) Thanks for the share. xo.

    Anyone know how to add that "email commenter when someone replies" kind of thing to blogger?

  4. Thanks Allie :) I am known for throwing stuff together! I dont follow recipes hence why I'm good at cooking but not good at baking! you can't throw together when baking so I use a box for baking haha