The following items are some of my favorite store bought purchases and all are without dairy, soy and cane sugar. The reality of life is you don't always have the time or the energy to make every single thing from scratch.

I have an intolerance, not an allergy, so I am unsure if any of these products have the "May contain..." or "Made in a factory where..." on it. read read read!

It's also smart to review the labels every year or so as products change without you knowing (gross, eh?).

Note: These are my personal preferences. There are more options out there, but through trial and error, I've found my faves.

Rice Dream  (Original and Vanilla) I drink the refrigerated milk, but often purchase the shelf milk to keep in the pantry for cooking.
- Silk Pure Almond - UNSWEETENED (Original and Vanilla) same as above.

Salad Dressing
- Renee's Cucumber and Dill 
- Renee's 1/2 Caesar 

Broths / Bouillons

- PC Organic Pasta Sauce: Tomato and Basil  
- PC Organic Pasta Sauce: Primavera 

- PC Apple Sauce (unsweetended)
- Mott's Apple Sauce (in many flavours) - 100% fruit... 
- Lay's and Ruffles Original
- Kettle Chips:  Sea Salt and Vinegar, Sea Salt and Pepper, Jalapeno
-Organics brand BBQ (from Super Store)
- Larabars (bought in bulk at Costco or by the box at Super Store) Peanut butter, key lime pie, and apple flavours. Pay attention to ingredient list for each new flavour you try. 
- Barbara's Multi-grain Cereal Bars (I've had both blueberry and wild berry)
- Amande Yogurt: Plain and vanilla are offered in big sizes for $4.99. The little sizes come in many flavours but are overpriced.

- Hummus:  Roasted Red Pepper, regular, Jalapeno, spicy, Masala (so far, both Our Compliments and President's Choice seem to be good.  Haven't checked all brands.  These are great choices for your gluten-free friends, as well!)
- Renee's Cucumber and Dill
- Salsa: Check the brands in the Organics section or the international foods section - way more natural and straight to the point. Sugar is the one to look out for here.

- Oasis juice (100% blends) - comes in both big cartons and little bottles (for lunches) in the shelf part of the grocery store.  
- Any 100% juice is good. This is an easy fix for everyone. 
- Oasis Smoothies. Surprisingly dairy free!

- PC Blue Menu Just Peanuts Peanut Butter 
- Blue Diamond Almond Butter 
- Any nut butter that says 100% almonds, 100%peanuts, 100% cashews, 100% sunflower seeds, etc
- Natur LeFruit Jams (offered in organic section of Super Store) 
- I also use hummus, cucumber and dill and 1/2 caesar on most things where a spread is needed.

Condiments + Oils
- Frank's Red Hot Original and Xtra Spicy
- Earth Balance Soy-free Spread (it's my margarine/butter)
- Spectrum Canola Mayonaise - Planet Organic and Super Store. It's the glass burgundy jar. I'm a mayo snob and I am impressed. 
- Sahara Sugar-free Organic Ketchup- Purchased at Planet Organic, unable to find a site. This is very different than Heinz but goes a long way because it's stronger. I've been mixing it with a bit of mayo for dipping.

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