Monday, April 11, 2011

A Walk Through Planet Organic

My Friday night was spent reading (read: Sarah's Key. Sigh) and strolling through Planet Organic.  Let me tell you - it was luxurious.

After my naturopath appointment on Thursday, I learned that there is another non-rice, non-soy, non-dairy cheese that exists out there.  One that comes in mozarella. One that is available in cheddar. One that melts and stretches.  Daiya.  My mother had eyed this brand before in her Skinny Bitch cook book, but I had yet to see it here in Halifax.  This issue of Clean Eating Magazine also made reference to a new "cheese-type" (they can't call it cheese, if it's not technically/officially cheese) spread that is now available.  Fingers crossed that that, too, will hit our markets!

So here's my tour of Planet Organic. I made myself take pictures of items so that I wouldn't get overly excited and purchase the whole store.  Instead, I only purchased the Daiya cheese, some Agave Nectar, Bob Mill's Veggie Soup mix (to have on hand) and some supplements.  Of course, I just returned from the store again and treated myself to just a few more of the treats below...

My "Initial" Exciting Purchases
Daiya Shreds
Bob's Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix

Agave Nectar
I can only give a review on the Daiya and let me just say that in three days I have had Daiya on broccoli, tuna melts and nachos.  Two major thumbs up. I'm SO excited.  So, so very excited.  And while I'm on this note, I should mention something else that was odd that happened the other day.  First I need to start out by saying that I used to be a girl that would drink milk instead of water - and more often than not - instead of juice. I loved Farmers 1% milk. From a cow.  The other day, Jon bought me unsweetened coconut milk to try (Rice Milk wasn't at the store we were at).  Anyway, I picked it up to try it and thought it was so gross. Turns out, I accidentally drank Jon's milk!  I never thought I'd take a sip of cow's milk and truly think it tasted gross.  I've been on this different kind of milk for so long now, I'm completely hooked!  Now, it took me awhile to get a kind that I like, but I'm onto my refrigerator-section-Rice Dream and love it.  I'm still shocked about how I thought his milk tasted...So anyway, here's the rest of my tour. Enjoy!
 Let's see what we have here: an entire section of non-sugar cane sweets! (Some costing $70, but just make sure to look closely:P)
...And an entire row of bouillon/broth options!  And most of everything is dairy, gluten - and sometimes soy and sugar - free!
Not ready to give up on Heinz. My friend, Katie, would cringe at this photo...BUT it has no sugar! 
 Do I really need to add anything here?  Yes, I went back to buy this goody. I'll "review" it later. (GF/SoyF/DF/SugF)

I hope everyone cooked something wonderful this weekend and enjoyed some sun! I'll be blogging about a couple of recipes that were cooked FOR me this weekend by my mom and Gram.  Both were delicious and will hopefully become part of my cooking repertoire soon.  I also have a picture of an amazing pork tenderloin that Jon cooked over the weekend - a.m.a.z.i.n.g. - no recipe for his genius chef ways, though.  Any recipes to send my way?
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  1. Hey Allison! I was just at the Superstore and saw this Daiya cheese in the vegetarian meat substitute section for $5.49. Just so you know you can get it somewhere other than Planet Organic!

  2. Robin: Thanks so much! I have never seen it there....and it's the same price as Planet Organic, so that's convenient. Exciting :)