Friday, August 26, 2011

Cooking? I'm Beginning To Remember What That Is...

It's three months since my last post and a lot has changed.  Where does one even begin?

I've got new outlooks on food (maybe life too?).  I've gone and got myself a husband and a new last name.  I'm preparing to venture into a new job.  I'm now a homeowner, which means I finally have a big eat-in kitchen.  I even got three weeks worth of Asian food & travel stories to share. 

To top it all off:  I've got a slightly new look to the blog - and a million great wedding presents for the kitchen to make this blogging experience even better for me.  Why not, right?  

It may take a little while to get back into things - both the cooking and the writing.  These past three months have been an absolute whirlwind of excitement, if that wasn't at all obvious.  I can say, though, that this new feeling of actually "owning" my kitchen has completely re-motivated me to get back into the kitchen.  I've already made four delicious meals in the new home and can't wait to share!  Blogging for me will not be as forced this time around, as we've already conquered the first year's challenges.  I've tested myself with each of my intolerances (more to come later) and have a general idea of what I can and cannot handle.  Removing the anxiety of "doing everything right" is definitely the first step in this transition.  That alone has made a difference in how I feel and appreciate the food that I'm eating.  

So I may not be blogging every - or even every other - day, but I will be talking about food.  I will post recipes, pictures, and I will make sure to continue to "call myself out" when I'm knowingly cheating on one of my devil foods. :)  The first thing I will likely do is write all about my obsession with food when I travel - especially food in Bali!  Stay tuned.....
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  1. Hooray! Welcome back! I can't wait to see you in person AND see what goodness you cook up and post for us! Much food bloggy love! xo