Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eating Our Way Through Bali & Singapore

A Very Long Post Told In Many, Many Pictures.

Three weeks of Bali and Singapore food bliss filled our honeymoon.  We often cook Asian-inspired food, but we really did forget how much we actually love Southeast Asian cooking.  When I woke up in Bali to my healthy, free breakfast, I couldn't help but begin to map out my day - of food.  Most days were 100% plan-free, with the exception of: We want to fit in four meals, if possible.  When one meal was done, we were always thinking about what we'd have next.

Now - in Bali, I really ate almost the same thing for lunch every single day.  I took a few pictures of this same meal, but not all of them.  Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng are two of the most popular and common dishes in Bali - and every restaurant, cafe, or shop makes it entirely different!  So - I thought I'd have to try out my fair share of Mie Goreng (fried noodles) to see what styles I liked best...

So here it is.  Some shots from our wonderful honeymoon.  Please note with all the bold this blog can show, these photos do showcase some food that are on my intolerance list.  I'm aware of it, but I took the photo any way.  You only live once and I wasn't about to miss any meal opportunity while on my honeymoon in Bali!! (Mind you - I did behave...most "cheats" were J's and I simply got to try it).
A Variety of Dumplings, with a side of Lotus Leaf and Glutinous Rice - Singapore (Geylang District)
Breakfast for Champions - Breakfast Special in Singapore Airport
Arrival in Kuta, Bali treat, Spring rolls and Bintang (...and french fries)
Mie Goreng - My Bali Favorite
Satay, Satay, Satay!!  - Gili Trawangan, Bali
Spicy Sweet n' Sour Chicken - Gili Trawangan, Bali
Coconut-y Goodness - Gili Meno, Bali
This may not look great - but holy Peanut Sauce it was yummy! - Gili Meno, Bali
Our Fine Dining Honeymoon Feast: Crab and Pumpkin Ravioli - Gili Trawangan
 This is an okay way to start a day: Banana Crepe and delicious Bali Coffee - Ubud, Bali
Another Treat Night - Lemon Grass Ravioli of sorts - Ubud, Bali
This will do. Our first "organic" meal in our honeymoon suite - Sukawati, Bali
Shrimp and soup by the pool and rice paddies - Sukawati, Bali
Most amazing location for breakfast - EVER.  Nasi Goreng on a mountain overlooking volcano and crater lake - Bali

Our traditional Balinese buffet, including smoked duck and chicken
Perfect fruit every single day.
'Make Your Own Pizza' on the beach - Sanur, Bali
Chicken Bryani at a Hawker Stall - Little India, Singapore
Basil Pesto Pasta - Colonial District, Singapore
More Hawker Stall food - Chinese noodles and yummy pad thai! - Little India, Singapore
Last night in Singapore.  Pakoras with Chili Ginger Lamb (for J) - Little India, Singapore

Believe me....we even ate a LOT more than shown here! Enjoy tales of our trip told through our bellies!

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  1. And that's to say NOTHING of the liquid diet! :) Arak Mojito, Arak Madu, Arak Lychee Cocktail, Arak Attack, Arak Obama, Fresh Arak, Bintang, Bintang, Bintang, water, water, bed. :P

  2. So envious. This looks amazing. Wish I was there with you.

  3. Ack! This is torture! Peanut sauces make me swoon, for one, but two - that mountainous view with the Nasi Goreng?! Just stunning. Beautiful food and beautiful surroundings... sigh. So glad you had a wonderful time, and that you got a taste of some 'cheat' foods in the process :)

    Lurvely photos, lady. Look forward to more from you xox

  4. Ummm, can we recreate Honeymoon Meals in Nova Scotia? PLEASE?? Yummy, Yummy!! PS You are on your way to becoming a professional food photographer, seriously great photos! Excellent use of landscape and dining atmosphere to set the scene :) Very happy you guys enjoyed your trip, especially with your bellies, hehe!

  5. Oh my Goodness - 4 comments! Maybe I should quit my day job and just start travelling and eating - then writing about it! :)

    Wouldn't that be the life...?

    Thank you so much for reading, checking, commenting, and all that good jazz. It's been a strange to come back to the blog, so the support is so so greatly appreciated.

    x's and o's. - Allie

    ps - Is my "About me" photo too big? It's the only size it wants to be!