Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Welcome You Back, Pizza

Throughout the day, I get wafts of air coming up into my office from the kitchens on the first floor.  Working in the student union building on campus has its perks when you're a person who can eat anything:  Tim Hortons, pub and pizza galore!  Working in this same building with constant wafts of pizza scent coming through to your office can be a form of torture for someone like me.

I'm pretty good, though. I no longer have this need or desire to "cheat".  I can hold back.  I think I developed this skill from teaching in South Korea.  Odd comparison, I know, but weekly (and sometimes every other day) we (the 10 English teachers) would receive an entire cake or a box of Krispy Kreme donuts or somtimes both of those things from one of the lovely mothers.  I became so completely decentized to walking in to see a giant cake just for us, that I no longer really "saw them".  I got used to ignoring those tempting Krispy Kreme chocolate dipped donuts....

Anyway, the point is that I don't cheat - or at least, I try not to. I stick to my guns.  But I still get cravings.  Tonight's menu was one that fulfilled this long-lingering craving of mine:  PIZZA!

After much review of the pizza crusts and nan bread options at the grocery store, I realized it was just easier to go the tortilla-crust route. I baked this at 450 for like 5 minutes, checking on it.  The time will really depend on what ingredients are used.  After about 5 minutes, I switched the oven over to broil and took it out just before it started to really brown.

Pizza #1 (or half of my pizza)
Spanish Chorizo (made of pork)
No Name Original Pasta Sauce
Chopped tomato
Baby Spinach
Rice Cheese (make sure it's both dairy and soy free)

Pizza #2 (or the other half of my pizza)
Pasta Sauce
Ham (deli ham cut up / as few ingredients in the ham as possible!)
Pineapple chunks (there is a new "fruit cup" that has the fruit in natural fruit juices, rather than syrup)
Mushrooms, sliced
Rice Cheese
These were both really tasty and completely hit the spot.  Don't expect the cheese to taste like cheese on it's own, or to melt like cheese, but it does the trick on food like this or a sandwich!

*Note:  Some things DO have a bit of sugar in them.  I've written this before but all of my used-ingredients are free of all dairy and soy and attempt to free of sugar as much as possible.  So long as it's not one of the top 3 ingredients, and it's not the SOLE thing I'm eating, I will accept it into the diet.  My preference is obviously ZERO sugar which is entirely possible when making everything from scratch! Pin It


  1. Hey Ally, yumm sounds delicious! :-D great posts here. I will be trying some..

  2. Hi Rowena! Congrats on your marriage. The pictures are beautiful. Thanks for staying in touch!

  3. rice cheese....nice!!!! i can make cheese dishes for potlucks for u....good job!!

  4. Roshika - Thanks for reading :)

    I wouldn't make anyone else purchase or eat rice cheese. I'm currently eating a sandwich with it on it, and believe me: It doesn't taste like cheese. For pizza and other things that just don't seem right without melted cheese, it seems appropriate!