Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Guess You Don't Always Need a Plan!

Let's just say that I can foresee a time when everyday actually doesn't need to be about researching recipes - it's just mostly about having new staple items in the cupboards and a veggie-filled fridge.  We're not exactly "there" yet (still "accidentally" adding a spice mix that contains soy...then having to scoop it back out of the mixture) but here are some throw together creations and craving substitutes we've been having:

Sweet Tooth
Jon's parents had given us a jar of some delicious smoked maple syrup from Ontario.  Every time I get one of my chocolate cravings, Jon presents me with a teeny tiny shot glass of syrup to sip away at.  Strange - but silly, fun, and it works!

Fresh strawberries?  Almond milk (the good kind)? Syrup .. no need for baked goods!

Aaah.  I need chips & dip
Bad for you, but I took some mayo (Hellmans), a whole lot of dill and a bit of lemon juice.  Dipped vegetable (or plain) chips in a little of this for a quick fix.

Don't "technically" need to cut this right now but it's hard to drink a glass of pop, knowing it's not "good" for me (that's an interesting revelation for your mind/stomach to have...) - Perrier with lots of lemon and lime!

No "fix" yet - rice dream cheese just doesn't do the trick.  Focusing on the above and hoping to keep trekking on through my love for the cheese...

Not at all a craving but...
Fresh food is key for throw together meals!  Rainbow trout was on sale so Jon simply put butter (Becel vegan) on our BBQ grill pan, put the fish in a bit of flour with lemon juice, dill, salt, pepper... piece of cake and just so deliciously good.  
And last night, I forgot to make my lunch.  This presents a problem as I'm currently working through my summertime at a university.  This means my options are:  Tim Horton's.  Right.  Not a single thing on that menu I can have!

My morning routine has already changed drastically as I went from the girl who gives herself just enough time to shower, dress, and do make up to the girl still gives herself just enough time in the morning to everything she needs to, but now added is: breakfast (1 piece of Stonehearth bread and PC 100% peanuts peanut butter), coffee from home (so I can use Stevia and almond/rice milk), and packing of the lunch.

So this morning I had to throw together a lunch.  I clearly have not gotten this down yet:  Plain chow mien noodles (quickly cooked while coffee was brewing) and a can of spicy tuna was what I came up with!  Oh brother I hope that there are a few dairy or soy free options once September hits here - at least for days like today..

Oh and one last thing:  Sushi for our celebration dinner last night (Jon scored a great job!), just had it without the starter miso soup, edamame or dipping soy sauce - love it all the same! Pin It

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