Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cookbook Delight!

Very happy to say that my mom has purchased three cookbooks for me.  I am still finding quite a few recipes online when searching under things like "eating paleo" and the "eight main allergens", but those exclude so much more than just dairy and soy (which, of course, isn't always a bad thing).

As I came to an end to my big fresh grocery purchases - and my planned recipes for the last couple of weeks, I was worried that I was hitting a "food wall".  Now, on my coffee table rests 3 cookbooks that should prove to give me many hours of reading, inspiration for the kitchen - and more to share on here:

1.  The Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) Guidebook/Cookbook
2.  Go Dairy Free
3.  The Everything Food Allergy Cookbook

Similar to all recipes, there will be some things I still can't have - and there will be some recipes where I can add a lot more.  The food allergy cookbook is a bit much, but will come in handy for base-meal ideas and will be helpful for times when dining with our nut-allergic or gluten-intolerant friends (I.e. tomorrow evening, we've accepted the challenge of cooking dinner for our friends.  Between the three of us girls, the meal has to be:  soy, dairy, gluten, and meat-free!).

For those who just want to eat healthier/fresher things (no intolerances), keep your eyes open for The Best of Clean Eating - due out in the fall.

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