Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lemony Garlic Chicken Pasta

I'm sitting here watching Glee. I could be doing many other things while I have the house to myself but - nope - I've got my butt on the couch and Glee on full blast. It started as a "stupid" show I watched episode after episode one day I was home sick. Now it has become one of my shows - one where I won't let it go past a week without being caught up on the newest episode. It's sad, isn't it? I laughed at it at first (a lot), but then I caved...and seriously I could now watch that Adele Glee Mash-up over and over again!

So that's what my night usually looks like while J is at dodgeball. Glee and my newest book The Forgotten Garden (although I really need to get the new book club book - Lake of Dreams!).

This week has been a bit chaotic to say the least, so I'm super happy we made that crockpot recipe on Sunday to get us through the week. I did, however, throw together a pretty good meal last night in a rush of hunger (and on the verge of becoming h-angry). For some reason every once in awhile, I literally crave an extremely lemon/garlic-flavoured meal. Last night was that once in awhile for me, so I made a 'sauce' that could have likely extended to 4 bowls of pasta, instead of our two bowls but hey - why not? So long as I'm not indulging in an intolerance or clogging an artery, why not indulge a bit every now and then? And what better time to do it then when you're only at the beginning of what already seems like a very long week....

Extreme Lemony Garlic Goodness {Chicken Pasta}
What I Used:
1 boneless chicken breast, thinly sliced
Mushrooms (I only had like 4), sliced thinly
6 cloves of garlic
~4 tbsp of lemon juice
~6 tbsp of olive oil
herbs: I used Italian spices plus an herb mix I keep in my fridge (your typical Italian flavourings). I didn't measure this out, but used lots!

What I Did:
1. Cook that pasta. The usual.
2. In a little bowl, mix together: garlic, olive oil, herbs (wet herbs) and lemon juice. Set aside.
3. Take a bit (~1 tbsp I suppose) of the oil mixture and pan fry the chicken on high. Remove when done.
4. Add mushrooms to pan. When almost cooked, add in all of oil mixture for a few minutes - just enough for garlic to not be so raw.
5. In each bowl, I layered the above in the following order: pasta + arugula + chicken + mushroom/sauce + top with Italian seasonings and pepper.

*Note: As I stated above, you could make this oil spread over 4 servings but I wanted full-on flavour. It was a lot of lemon/garlic/oil for 2 people. :P

Print this recipe.

I hope you're not getting sick of my pasta recipes! These can all be replaced with gluten-free pasta! The meat can be removed, or replaced. You can also replace the pasta with spaghetti squash, if you wish! (Speaking of squash....I will be posting about 3 different kinds of squash and their recipes soon). Pin It

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