Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fast Food Fridays {Fish Tacos}

 Twitter caught my eye the other day when I saw Mooshu Jenne tweet about #FastFoodFridays. Who doesn't love fastfood on a Friday?

I know our Friday treat night was one thing we had to change quickly with my intolerances (Confession: I still indulge in many chips...all safe intolerance-wise, but still junk food nonetheless!). It was all probably for the best. Even if you're only pigging out on grease once a week, it sure feels like it takes a whole week just to get your system is back on track - can't be good in accumulation, can it? 

This is by no means judgement. We still eat ramen. Or a bowl of macaroni with cheese (Daiya), things all lacking in nutrients. This is an attempt, though, to join in on promoting some healthier choices and healthier versions of some of our all-time faves. The "healthier relatives" of our old-time faves. The "grown up" versions of classics we've since learned about how they were made. I have been calling these recipes 'pub food' in my recipe index, but thinking I should change it to "Make Home Take Out" or "Dining Out Faves" or "Grownup Junk Food". We'll see. 

For now, I'm bringing in an oldie to participate in my first Fast Food Fridays. This was one of my first posts, 'Mas Pescada Taco Por Favor'. I've chosen it because it's super fun, easy and tasty. I also want to remind myself that this recipe exists! I don't think I've thought to make this since that day, and how good would it be with some of the dip recipes I've discovered over the past year? Guacamole and hummus varieties... endless options that would match this recipe perfectly.

Please note: As this was one of my very first posts, the photos are terrible. You'll have to indulge in your other senses for this one. :)

Fish Tacos
This recipe was given to me from my naturopath. 

Marinade a white fish (I used 3 pieces) for a 1/2 hour in:
- 1 tbsp of fish sauce
- 1 tbsp of lime juice
- 1 tbsp of olive oil

While the fish is marinating...create the sauce (to be used with the tacos!)
- 1/4 cup of Helmans Mayo
- 1 tbsp of lime juice
- 2 tbsp of chopped cilantro
- 1 clove of garlic
- 1/8 tsp of cumin
- 1 tbsp of water

Prepare the veggies!
I used... (but think of the variations!)
- 1/2 cup of romaine lettuce cut in strips
- 1/4 cup of chopped red onion
- 1/4 cup of chopped yellow pepper
Toss with olive oil and lime juice

Broil your fish in a low pan for 15 minutes.

Once fish is finished, cut into small places. Serve with salsa, guacamole, hummus (whatever!) and your vegetable mixture on whatever tortilla wraps your diet will allow you to have. :)

Print this recipe

Follow the other ideas on Twitter at #FastFoodFridays or join in by checking out Mooshu Jenne's post above.

Happy Healthy Fast Food-ing...and Happy Friday!

Have any re-creations of some of your go-to fave fast food indulgences?
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  1. Next time you have Fast Food Friday with Fish tacos can I join you?! pretty please!!

    1. Yes. Can you PLEASE join me? Teleportation to San Diego for both of us maybe!

  2. omg LOVE fish tacos. craving them now :)

    1. So do we, but we NEVER think of having them...or tacos in general!

  3. Those sound delicious!

    1. I hope I followed the rules properly and gave you enough kudos! Thanks for letting me partake :)

  4. i LOVE fish tacos! 24/7 i could eat those babies :)

  5. Awesome! Love fish tacos and desperately (I mean - DESPERATELY!) need to get on a healthier path! Your recipes inspire me! xo