Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Chocolate-Raspberry....Birthday Cake?

Neither of us have much of a sweet tooth, but you still can't compete with a good chocolate....anything.

Birthday dinner and celebrations will be had on the weekend, but to celebrate the day J turns 31 (*note the candles), I discovered a new blog with loads and loads of "raw" sweets I'll be able to take advantage of! Cute name. Healthy Alternatives to guilty pleasures. Easy Recipes. Done. It's in the blog bank.

My version was more of a throw together 'he has to have something to acknowledge the actual day' treat. You'll note that Katies' are quite a bit more visually appealing. I'll get there.  For now, my Dollar Store ramekins work just fine.

Her original blog post said this could be used as icing, fudge cake, butter...but impatience and timing made this an in-between fudge and mousse birthday treat. Yum.

2/3 cup of raspberries
3 Tbsp of cocoa (Fry's is free of everything)
4 Tbsp of coconut butter (I did not have this, so I simply dumped some unsweetened coconut in the magic bullet and pulsed away!)
dash of salt
2 Tbsp of agave (I had agave blue syrup, but agave nectar, honey or maple syrup would all work I think)

Magic Bullet: meet all of the above ingredients and do your thing.

After everything is mixed, it's like a chocolate pudding type consistency. This only makes enough for two small portions, so do what I did for a quick treat or increase the portions and make a pie! I divided the mix into two little ramekins and put it in the freezer until I couldn't wait any longer.

I'm really looking forward to trying out some of the other "naughty treats", as she calls them on her blog. Pin It


  1. I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth so chocolate anything ALWAYS sounds good to me! This looks like the perfect birthday dessert!

  2. Thanks, Joanne! It really was. So easy, but just the right amount of sweet-ness to celebrate the day. (On a side note, my friend DID make him a real red velvet birthday cake for the weekend. That looked AMAZING!)