Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

Lucky me, I don't have a list of recipes to write about from the weekend:  I was cooked for.

Having friends and a lovely fiance who, both, appreciate your diet and have the ability to cook extremely well is awesome.  On Saturday I was able to start my day off with a, in my mind, gourmet breakfast of egg on toast.  On top of the egg and toast?  This amazing mixture of pork sausage (*check labels), peppers, onions and mushrooms with homemade dill hollandaise sauce to boot!

For dinner, J "threw together" a huge wok-full of red/peanut curry mixed with a variety of Chinese, Thai and Laotian flavors. (We get to enjoy this again tonight!)

And our friend, Amanda, cooked us a delicious lemon pepper pork chop, brown rice with veg and a side of caesar salad (Renee's 1/2 Caesar for the dressing).  It's so much fun to have a "safe" meal that someone else has cooked! The downside is that I don't always have a recipe to share, but at least I can talk about the possibilities of meal combinations.

This was actually two weekends in a row of this bliss. Last weekend, my mom cooked up some vegetable chili and Chicken/Shrimp paella. This reminds me that I need to track down those recipes....

Have a great week to whoever is out there reading! Pin It

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