Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So...I think we make too much curry?

Nothing is quite better than coming home from work on a cold, rainy, Monday and uttering the words "I feel like a creamy soup"....and VOILA, a spicy, hot, curry soup forms in front of your eyes!  (Soup on rice, but whatever...).

I know the post title says I think we eat too much curry, and maybe we do compared to most people, but boy do I love it.  We can't seem to get tired of it.  AND this lasted the following night for supper over chow mein noodles (again, our go to "quick" meal...replaces our old Kraft Dinner fix!).  Surprisingly, with all of the rice, chow mein noodle, curry or coconut milk meals we have, we DO seem to make each one very different from the last.  From a blog-readers point of view, maybe not...but from the tasters view, very much so!

I don't have exact quantities for any of these as I have learned along the way that Jon a) does not follow recipes b) does not write his own recipes down and c) what starts out as a tablespoon could very well end up being a 1/2 cup by the end of the cooking experience.  One never knows with Chef Jon. :)

Did I ever mention that prior to these senstivities, Jon was THE cook in our house?  What a treat to have him back in the kitchen!

What to use:
Red curry paste
leftover chicken (from whole chicken night before)
coconut milk
vegetable broth
grape tomoatoes
lemon grass
ginger Pin It

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