Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Beginner to Amateur?

So...I'm beginning to be more comfortable in the kitchen.  Everyone said that I would become familiar with the things in my kitchen, what I could have and what I couldn't...what would go well together, and what would replace certain cravings. Day one of not having cheese was difficult (and let's be honest, still is), but I got through it.  Other than a few salad dressings, cheese for sandwiches, soy sauce, and honey garlic sauce, J has switched over to purchasing dairy and soy free items.  All of our items are also beginning to me almost sugar free (we've decided to read labels and allow ourselves to get items that do not have sugar listed within the top 3 parts of the ingredients - exceptions apply when it comes to an ingredient that will be used in very small quantities over a meal).

We've been doing well.  Yes, we seem to cook with the same few ingredients over and over again, but I do not tire with the creations we can come up with.  It's so satisfying!

Anyway, tonight's meal was half of something from my mom's cookbook and half of something I saw online somewhere...

Shrimp Pasta w/ Arichokes and Sundried Tomatoes

This was sooo easy.  While boiling some penne (it called for bowties), Jon defrosted and detailed the already-cooked shrimp.

In a pan, I threw 2 minced garlic cloves, a wee bit of vegetable broth, a bag of shrimp, a 1/2 can of drained and chopped artichokes, and about 6 chopped sundried tomatoes (with oil).  Then, I threw in some basil, salt, and pepper. I let this simmer on low while the pasta was cooking. 

This took just as long as it took to boil water and cook pasta.  So easy and will last us both for our lunch tomorrow.  Success! Pin It

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