Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Potluckin'

For Halloween this year, my friend Amanda hosted a potluck.  With allergies of nuts, mushrooms - and intolerances in soy, sugar and dairy, everyone was creative.  And some, much MORE creative with Halloween treats.  Thanks to all who went out of their way to make everything edible .... It's nice for each person to not have to timidly ask "can I have what you made?"...

Our Spread!!

Noodles?  Worms?  Brains?

Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Tender tender pork

Pumpkin shaped nachos and guacamole

Fried Plantains (the REAL dessert looked amazing and was loaded with chocolate,
cream cheese and sugar - Graveyard brownies!)

Curry Squash Soup!

Body parts in jello! (Sugar-free Jello but NOT sugar-free body parts)

Bacon wrapped asparagus in maple

Mandarin Orange, bacon, Sundried Tomato, Carrot Spinach Salad
And US - I forgot to mention that we did this all in asomewhat-of-a Clue Theme 
(That's me and Jon in the back as Ms. Peacock and Prof. Plum)

Recipes to be added slowly, but hope you enjoyed the picture show! Pin It

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