Friday, November 12, 2010

Avocado Dream

Guacamole has got to be one of my favorite treats.  There are a few ways of doing it, some easier than others.  Here are a couple variations:

Smash up your avocado and mix it with some salsa.  Voila.  This one is so simple and is always a hit.  I use the Organics Biolique salsa.

Variations:  Add some lemon juice, salt, pepper, or chilies (or buy the hot salsa)

Smash up your avocado and mix it with raw minced garlic, lemon and pepper.  If raw garlic isn't good for you, cook up some tiny, diced onion and garlic and throw it in!  The lemon is a GREAT extra touch to this!

Great addition to this one:  fresh basil!

Smash up your avocado and mix it with lots of garlic, jalapeño, pepper - - any other hot things you like!  My friend made a good spicy guac for Halloween.  I will have to get her recipe to put up...

I've even gotten Jon into guacamole (he doesn't "love" avocados) because it's so good - so long as it's minus the raw garlic. Pin It

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