Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thoughts and Updates

Jon and I have read and heard a lot of things about the mental connection with food.  We've always discussed how much we enjoy going to the market (although we unfortunately only usually go in the fall) or stopping off on the side of the road to buy fresh fruit, veg, or seafood.  There is something about eating food and knowing - really knowing - where it came from (and not "from the Super Store"). 

I know this project isn't about eating locally, but I have to say that all of this label-reading has really started giving us that same mental connection with our meals when we end up having to make everything from scratch!  As most foods we all eat have a tonne of ingredients in it, we have to read each product carefully - which then leads to us questioning MOST of what is listed.  Why are all of these jibberish ingredients even in original pasta sauce or plain cereal?  

Upon my quest for recipes, I had this magazine recommended to me:  Clean Eating.  I highly recommend even looking this up online if you're not interested in purchasing the mag itself.  It's $6.99 to purchase, but only $1.50 or something an issue to subscribe.  The entire magazine gives you great recipes - all from fresh food.  It claims that if your food lists more than 3 ingredients, it's human-made and not what you want.  Granted, this is quite extreme but worth taking a healthy recipe or two from.  Only warning is that a lot of the recipes DO in fact have dairy and soy included, but these recipes will still come in hand once I become a bit more familiar with substituting (for example:  I just found what looks to be a very yummy home-made soy sauce recipe!).

So on with the quest I go.  Thought it'd be helpful to recognize the positive affect making so many of my own "fresh" foods is having on us... Pin It

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