Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh...For Goodness Kale

I forgot to add these little gems awhile back. After reading about the goodness of kale in every single cookbook and magazine out there, and how it's filled with a buttload of iron and calcium, I decided to give it a go!

This is how you'll see it at the store
The first: I saw this as I was watching Kitchen Boss, or whatever that show is called, one day when I was home sick.  The recipe didn't use kale, but something similar that couldn't be found at the grocery store. 

I boiled kale for 2 minutes than immediately placed it in cold water.  This is really just to keep it as green as it can be (which was important as I was going to a potluck). I probably wouldn't do this just for us at home.  While I was doing this, I had chopped up some italian sausage and was frying it with big chunks of garlic - lots of it.

In a different pan, I fried the kale (as much as will fit in one layer on the pan) for about 3 minutes - with big chunks of garlic - until I lightly fried all of the kale, then I mixed it all together in the sausage pan and cooked for another few minutes to bring the flavors together (after the sausage has already been cooked, of course).  Voila.  Green, calcium-filled goodness.

The Second:  With leftover kale, I started throwing in instead of spinach - in pasta, in rice bowls, etc.  It works!  I just recommend not throwing in huge pieces of it because it doesn't wilt down quite like spinach.

The Third:  This was, indeed, "a conversation starter at a party" as this recipe (photocopied from a friend's detox book) stated.  Kale Chips.  I ripped the kale into small, bite-size pieces, washed and tossed the bowlful of leaves with olive oil.  After laying a layer on a baking sheet, I sprinkled with salt.  Baked at 370 for about 10 minutes (but keep an eye because when I did a second batch, with less kale, it started to brown really quickly - once it browns, it starts to smell a bit funny).  Oddly enough, this was a hit - mind you, odd to show up with a produce bag of "crisp" (they don't really get crispy, so don't expect real chips) of kale pieces.  After putting it out on a plate, they got eaten quickly and the recipe was sought after.  This even worked well as a dipping utensil for the one and only Renee's Cucumber and Dill (would never work with a hummus-like dip or anything).  Odd note: J and I almost felt these tasted like roasted pumpkin seeds!

Sausage, Garlic and Kale.
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  1. so remember how we ate those kale chips without taking a breath.......i loved them a lot...I went to Pete's a couple days ago found red organic kale cheaper than the regular one and baked them in the oven with garlic, salt and olive oil and enjoyed it in a salad instead of croutons.......thanks girl!!! it was sooo good.

  2. Roshika: I haven't tried to make kale chips again, but I should! I really liked them. I'll have to check at Pete's... man, I have to get a routine going with all these different grocery stores! Thanks, Love:)