Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guest Blogger: Mom!

Chickpea Salad
1 can of Chickpeas (19 oz)
Add whatever veg you have on hand.  I used a handful of snow peas, handful of grape or cherry tomatoes (halved) and chopped green pepper.  I’ve also added red onion and cucumber before as well.  For the dressing, I used lemon juice and basil.  Whisk together and toss with chickpeas.  Yummy!!!
Great as a quick lunch or as a side dish!

**Thanks for sharing this recipe, Mom! I can't wait to try this out for lunches.....And how nice for me to have my first "guest blogger" :)
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  1. Hmmmmmm.....sounds pretty tasty but for the gratuitous use of the vile chick pea. The cute name does nothing to redeem this needless food-like-thing. ;)

  2. Jon: This is why I added "try out for lunches" so as to not have to torture you with the beloved chickpea. (Which IS an adorable name)