Monday, November 22, 2010

Learning To Get Organized

I love having my recipes on this blog.  It's a great resource to come back to.  If I don't write for a few days it's because I'm often repeating recipes on here (often from the newly-formed "Go-To List"). 

Having said this, I have a small kitchen and still have to make notes on a piece of paper to take into the kitchen with me.  The computer can't come with me.  I am loving the challenge of hunting down new recipes to try or planning for treats for the holidays, but this means I have piles of pieces of scrap paper with handwritten notes and piles of print-outs from the internet and magazines.

My goal over the next few months is to start a binder or something so that I can be organized in both fashions.  The blog is for writing about what's been tested.  The binder is about what SHOULD be tested out!  I also signed up for Diigo today.  My mom passed along a few good links about how to properly organize recipes and it recommended a site called "Delicious". I may still try signing up for that one but you need a Yahoo acount.  I was able to sign up for Diigo using my Gmail account, so we'll see.

I should be able to add pitures, notes and links, while titling the bookmarks and tagging it.  One suggestion I saw was to tag your bookmarks as say... "Breakfasts to try" or "To Try:  Chicken", depending on how you'll want to search for your recipes later.

An organized mind seems to have more time to think....and maybe even cook.  We'll see.  Pin It

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