Sunday, August 29, 2010

Marinade Madness

(not as good as margharita, mojito, or martini madness - but it will do....)

I've just discovered that there are more interested readers than I originally thought - and then realized that I haven't really been testing out or sharing very many new recipes.  Once the big move happens on Tuesday, life will calm down a bit and my quest for more interesting recipes will get back on track.  Now that I have those three new cookbooks added to my collection, I will go through as many as I can. 

For now, we are using what we can in our fridge and freezer and I can blog about a few of the marinades I have been using:

*These were the most simplest marinades, but they both tasted just like summer (which is good, of course):)

Chicken Honey/BBQ Marinade:
For 1 boneless chicken breast (me) and 2 small bone-in chicken breasts...
3 tbsp of honey
4 tbsp of Kraft Garlic BBQ Sauce
2 tbsp PC Bold BBQ Sauce

Pork Italian BBQ Marinade:
For 2 pork loin chops, I didn't measure but covered each piece of pork with...
Even amounts of:
Kraft Signature Tuscan Italian Dressing
Kraft Garlic BBQ Sauce
PC Bold BBQ Sauce

Lucky for us, the two sauces (bbq) that I can still use in our fridge offer quite a variety of options.  More to come as more marinades happen. Pin It

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