Thursday, August 26, 2010

In Our House, Celebrating Calls for Sushi

Not only did J start a new job this week, but I am gearing up for my busiest time at work - and we are moving.  We are moving next week, which means everything about our life is chaotic right now, including our fridge and stove.

As mentioned before, we celebrated the acceptance of Jon's new job with sushi at one of our favorite places.  For his first day at work, I wanted to do something special, as well, so that he wouldn't come home to see only our hectic little bubble of an apartment.

After work on Monday (after what seemed to feel like a long and cranky day), I got it in my head (for some crazy reason) that making sushi by myself for the first time would be a wonderful idea!  Off to the grocery store I went to purchase smoked salmon, crab (pollock), and seaweed.  Knowing I already had sticky rice at home (we buy it from our Korean grocer..comes in a big paper bag), cucumbers, asparagus, and avocado - I had a great starting point.

Rice is on (3 cups).  Sliced veggies.  Sliced seafood.

Everything was prepared and ready to be rolled. A few things I learned:
1.  Cook your rice when you are not in a rush so that there is sufficient time for it to properly cool.
2.  3 cups of rice for two people - way too much.
3.  1 cup of rice does not equal one sushi roll.
4.  Very few ingredients (variety and quantity) are required to prepare a sushi roll.
5.  Vinegar and water really does help keep the rice from sticking to your hands.
6.  Hot rice is very hot rice - burning, actually.

Moral of the story:
1.  I made 5 big (full of rice and ingredients) sushi rolls, instead of my intended 3.
2.  I had a lot of leftover sliced veg. and seafood.
3.  Vinegar and water would keep rice from sticking, if I had time to let it cool properly.

All of this being said....1 hour 1/2 later, J walks in the door to a set table, with 5 complete sushi rolls (that didn't fall apart and gave us each an additional meal the next day!), homemade spicy mayonnaise, and lightly flavored chow mein noodles on the side.  Not bad for a first attempt.  I actually can't wait to try again....

Chow Mein Noodles
After cooking the noodles, I tossed them with PC Spicy Thai Chilli and Becel Vegan.

Homemade Spicy Mayo
(I made this, as I was unable to have soy sauce.  I did put soy sauce out for Jon though)
3 tbsp of mayo
1 tbsp of chili sauce (we use this Japanese sauce for many things:  Sriracha)
1 tsp of lime Pin It

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