Monday, February 28, 2011

Enough is Enough.

Alright.  Clearly I have taken a long enough break.  Looking on the bright side, I have become accustomed to throwing together a meal or two, that all meals have been thrown together once getting home each night.  After spending so many days and weeks whining that it was a lot of work to find things to cook, this is a major plus!

Having said that, it's time to get back to it.  Time to add some new types of meals to my repertoire.  After a weekend away with mussels, pork chops and potatoes (all extremely delicious, if I might add), I'm craving color.  I'm craving lots and lots of veg!  Starting the week with an empty kitchen/fridge sucks.  It's not recommended.  Somehow I did, surprisingly, throw together a good pasta salad this morning - piece of cake (which is what I need for lunches...):

Rainbow pasta (it's new, it gives you more veg. serving)
Diced vegetables (celery, tomato, yellow pepper)
Ripped/Chopped spinach

Toss the above with a wee bit of Renee's 1/2 Caesar and you're good to go!

I just spent half of my lunch hour looking at recipes on  They share different recipes than they do in the magazine.  There's a special on on their website to get two free issues if you describe. I highly recommend it!  There are a lot of things that have dairy listed in the ingredients, but I find it's a good read and great to go back to when looking for's even better once you get the hang of substitutions!  The rule for this magazine is that you don't cook with anything that has more than 3 ingredients listed - that would be considered a "man-made food item", similar to what Michael Pollan names a "food-like substance" in his book Food Rules. My mom bought me this book - you should all go out and get it.  It is an extremely short read, sometimes only a sentence a page, but it puts all of the things that you already thought of or know about food in one place.  My favorite:  "Don't eat anything that your grandmother (or great-grandmother, depending on your age) wouldn't recognize as food".  Brilliant. Pin It

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