Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday!

Another week of lunches and dinners to think of has begun.  I have officially survived 2 straight weeks without dairy and have done my best to exclude soy wherever possible.  This weekend was filled with a lot of dinners out (and at others' houses) so I tried my hardest to take the "lesser of all evils" from each menu:  Choosing shrimp and rice instead of pasta with possible cream sauce - or battered fish and fries.  Choosing eggs, bacon and home fries (leaving the "included" toast to sit and go to waste on my plate) instead of eggs benny.  Choosing to eat Butterball Lactose-free Turkey Hot Dogs with plain chips on the side, while opting out of all of the delicious sides of potato and macaroni salads.

I'm sure (I'm actually positive) that soy was ingested (any maybe even some dairy?) but at least it was nothing blatantly obvious that I could have avoided!

I have also tried out another kind of the Stonehearth Bakery bread - the white rye.  Fully dairy and soy free and great for my BLT that I brought to work with me!  $3.70 for a HUGE loaf is actually not so bad!  Half of it went in the freezer and will likely last me quite some time.  Bonus find. :)

I'm still on the look out for granola bar, cracker and cookie options that are cheaper than the "obvious" brands in the natural section of the grocery store...I'm really getting to know my grocery store! Pin It

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