Thursday, August 12, 2010

Almond Breeze: Oh No!

As I'm reading through more and more discussion posts, notes, blogs, etc, I see "check all nut and rice milks because some still contain soy!".  Uh oh.

So, Jon and I check Almond Breeze - and there it is:  it contains soy.  So all of this time of drinking "dairy and soy free milk", I have actually been drinking dairy-free nut milk, with soy included.  Crap.

Currently in our fridge, we have Jon's regular Farmer's milk, So Good Soy milk (from before "diagnoses"), Almond Breeze Original, Almond Breeze Chocolate - Lovely.

Thanks to Jon, he did tour around and look at all the milk labels and found these - which I hope to be great - options:

- Silk Pure Almond
- Rice Dream  (Original and Vanilla)
- Oat Dream
- Earth's Own Ryza
- Yu Basmatic Rice Milk

Preferences to come once we start emptying our fridge of all of this milk!  The good thing (and the weird thing) about some of these is that we can purchase them while they're on sale and they can sit in our cupboard until we need it! Pin It

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