Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Taunting Words of Dairy

First clarification I had to make:  Dairy is not just lactose.  It's a combination of lactose, whey and casein (the protein).  The obvious foods to avoid: ALL animal milk, cream, butter, cheese (written with a tear), yogurt.

The funny words to look for (and to stay away from):
- Sodium caseinate
- Calcium caseinate
- Lactic acid
- Lactose
- Lactylate
- Caseinates, casein
- Calcium diphosphate
- Tricalcium phosphate
- Calcium propionate

The safe calciums:  carbonate, aspartate, orotate, citrate, silicate, monocalcium phosphate, disodium, chloride

I'm sure more funny words will show up along the way, but this is a good start.  Time for me (and my fiance) to get our label-reading glasses on... Pin It

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