Monday, July 26, 2010

The Current State of My Kitchen

After an overwhelming walk around the grocery store, reading labels upon labels, I decided to get to know my own kitchen.  I made a list of the things I already had that were dairy-free, ones that were dairy and soy-free and items that I no longer could eat.  (Note:  This list will grow and get scarier once I take a look at sugar, but I'm giving myself a chance to get started here..!)  To my surprise, random food items ended up on each list!

A breakdown on my kitchen:
The "Not-So-Good-Anymore" List:
PC Balsamic Pesto Pasta Sauce, KD, Lipton SoupWorks Country Chicken, Italian Style Breadcrumbs, PC Sauce:  Memories of Damascus, PC Buffalo Sauce, All pasta sauces with cheese (obviously), and Shirriff Cararmel Spread

Dairy-free and Good For Now!:
Knorr Asian Singapore Sidekicks, Soy Sauce, TVP, Hoisin Sauce, PC Black Bean Sauce, JC Japanese Vinaigrette, PC Sauce:  General Tao, Diana Marinade: Steak Spice, Kraft Asian Sesame Dressing, Kraft Peanut Butter

Happy To Say, Dairy and Soy-free:
Coconut milk, canned corn, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, Tomato paste/sauce/soup, NN Original Pasta Sauce, Pasta, Rice, Oak Haven Granola, Peanut Oil, Fish Sauce, Curry Paste, PC Burger Seasoning, PC Sauce:  BBQ Bold Original/Garlic, PC Hummus, Nestea Lemon tea, Gatorade, PC Wheat Crackers, PC Sauce:  Memories of Portugal, Helmans Mayo, PC Fiery Chilli Sauce

So there it is.  I'm half tempted to run around with little colored circle stickers to classify each group, but for now this list will help us out.  Surprisingly, this was a bit of a booster.  I was envisioning having to cut out a lot of things that we always have on hand in our kitchen! Pin It

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