Thursday, September 22, 2011

The last year of my life has been spent focusing on a few things.  I was in the beginning stages of, what I felt to be, a major diet change.  I was brainstorming, dreaming of and planning for my wedding.  I was putting together an awesome 3-week honeymoon in Asia.

Once I got through the above things, I bought a house with my husband, and started a new job.  It's a bit surreal, really - how many things have changed, and how many amazing things have come out of this past year. I, now, don't have this challenge in the kitchen. Cooking is still fun for me and the challenge is strictly taking the time to be creative, to search for recipes and follow-through, and to really document the entire process.  The wedding, house and honeymoon all happened and has put J and I into a wonderful place for moving forward in life.  Now, I've got this new job which also requires an entirely different way of thinking - coming from the constant providing of service based on need to my now self-motivated days.

Needless to say, life is good at the moment.  At the same time, life is new.  I'm now left with thoughts and feelings around how I will move forward with my "me' time during this new stage of just living - not planning.

I have been toying with a variety of thoughts around the blog and thought that it might be more beneficial to just write it out.  I mean, I initially started the blog out as a way to get through that first year - the challenging hump.  But after a first year, your habits are broken (or fixed) and you can be more lenient with yourself in some cases.  It's less of a challenge, more of just being.  And maybe that's what it's all about - just being.  Life in the kitchen for a regular gal trying to eat better?  Then I have these thoughts where I'd really rather chat about the food that I cooked today, but maybe also the book I'm currently reading, or the good quote I saw on Pinterest today - or maybe even what I wore to work (because it was particularly cute) - but who would want to read that?

So here it is.  This is where I'm at for now. I don't necessarily expect any comments since I've completely neglected this blogosphere, but it does feel good to put it all down.  Regardless of how I move forward - even if it's status quo - I'll still enjoy the challenge in the kitchen. I'm still growing and now have so many more tools to learn to use - and my lovely kitchen.  I love my kitchen. Love.

That's all for now.  Going to try to add some quick updates before bed.  Thoughts and suggestions welcome!

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  1. Who would read about that? I would, I would! You have the cutest fashion sense. I adore all things Allie and think you have so many things to offer the blogosphere, why limit yourself to just one? I say go for it. Switching the topic up from time to time holds should appeal to a wider audience, no?

    So very happy to hear about the newfound time and space for you. A more nurtured you means you have even more to give others :)

    Love love.