Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Recipe: Chicken Burgers

Last night I tackled my very first homemade burger.  I'm not much of a fan of raw meat, let alone kneading/massaging it but alas - I tackled it.

I saw this recipe somewhere (with no measurements listed), so this is what I used:

1 pkg of ground chicken
grated zucchini  (not much, but enough to help hold the chicken together)
grated carrot (same as above)
1 egg
A small bit of olive oil
Spices:  cilantro, dill, garlic powder, cumin

I mixed all of the above together in a bowl, adding only a little bit of each of the spices (less of cumin).  (For future, I would add much more of all!)  After some kneading of the mixture, I made 5 patties.

My plan was to bbq my little creations, but paranoia of losing it all in the coals made me decide to pan fry them.  Although overcooked (again, hate raw meat), they turned out to be quite tasty with a bit of ketchup & mayo on my Tapioca Rice Buns.  Jon, of course, had the works and liked them as well! 

Tonight:  We are having the same burgers (not burnt) but with some lightly fried mushrooms on top! Pin It


  1. So how were the hamburger buns?? :)

  2. Although a different texture (VERY dense), surprisingly good!